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                          The best Brazil's kennel!!!  pastor alemão branco

No 1 in the CBKC's ranking of 2011 - MikeTyson do "Chiens de Montagne" (blood line "Canil Schimmelpfeng")

One of the 10 best breeders of all races in Brazil!  white shepherd

GILLY (Janine e Guy)  and  MIKE  TYSON (Samantha Jancso) No 1 Ranking of 2011  - 2 Schimmelpfengs  championship

No 2  in the CBKC's ranking of 2007 , 2008     No 1 in the CBKC's ranking of  2009

                    No 3 in the CBKC's ranking of 2010    pastor branco

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Swiss White Shepherd                                        Miniature Schnauzer


We have Litters with quality throughout the year!


Dysplasia hip Control 

Puppies Vaccinated

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we sell to all over Brazil and abroad

we follow your puppy for life

23 years creating the best!














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Our dog shooting the film "Nosso Lar" - the life of Chico Xavier.

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Recently added - Magazine Caras - publication in July 2008

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The Schimmelpfeng Kennel was founded in 1990, but got its first Swiss White Shepherd in 1987. Lia Segadas Vianna, owner of the Kennel, started her breeding after buying a female in Rio de Janeiro to protect her two daughters.

        First looking for a German shepherd, that was shown as an excellent guard and companion, fell in love with a huge female dog completely white. Since that moment, Gaia became the reason of all her passion. At that time, the race was known as Canadian Shepherd, Alsatian and other names because it wasn’t recognized by the FCI (main organization of world dog studies). The most important is that she completely fell in love with that breeding.


The first litter was born in 1989 in Rio de Janeiro, and, in 1992, Lia and the Kennel established in Petrópolis (downtown- Barão do Rio Branco Av.), where she kept the kennel until 1999, when she moved to a small farm with an area of 12,000 m2 in Pedro do Rio ( a district near Itaipava, Petrópolis)




She made an option for a different place, because she had 26 dogs and it was necessary a bigger place. Nowadays, after some losses due to the age, the Schimmelpfeng Kennel, has 06 males and 19 females.


Lia and "Rock"


cThe Kennel is under supervision of Bruno Ribeiro and Alessandra Feijó, veterinarian that works with the owner and his employees, taking care of the health of the dogs of the Kennel. Dr. Ragnar Franco Schamall is the veterinarian who also gives support to Schimmelpfeng Kennel.




TEL.: (24) 2223.2228 Lia / (24) 2223.1875 Gabi   Cel: (24) 9 8816.7821 Lia / 9 8816.7783 Maria

email: liaschimmelpfeng@yahoo.com.br


The rights of images and information contained herein are exclusive of the Kennel Schimmelpfeng


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